Chimera Tool update 29 October 2020

Free Network Factory Reset for Huawei Huawei: the Network Factory Reset procedure is now free, it doesn’t cost any credits! New features and improvements:
  • Samsung: First in the World: Added Read Codes Online, Repair IMEI, Patch Cert/Network Repair for Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition (SM-G780F)
  • Core: updated ChimeraSU (root via Magisk) used in Samsung Firmware Update with Autoroot option, LG’s Root and Generic MTK’s Root procedures
  • Core: credit prices are shown for each paid procedures before you start them (there are some exceptions in LG module)
  • Huawei: added support for newer EasyFirmware (*.EF_*) file type for Enter Factory Mode (in the panel where it asks for a firmware file)
  • Huawei: more informative error messages in Model and Vendor/Country change procedure
  • Generic Qualcomm: more informative error reporting
  • LG: improved Network Factory Reset function for MTK devices
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  • Huawei: fixed Network Factory Reset procedure for older SoC types (659, 658, etc.)
  • Samsung: various bugfixes for the new Patch Cert procedure
  • LG: fixed character-coding issue during flashing
  • Core: various bugfixes for popup dialogs during procedure execution
  • Download chimera tool :