Notice to all Google Photo users before June 1, 2021

After June 1, 2021, photos and videos will no longer be stored for free on Google Photo. Google previously announced that, starting June 1, 2021, high-quality, fast backup quality content will count toward the storage space in your Google Account. After reaching the maximum permitted storage space, you can either subscribe to Google One to get additional storage space, or you can use the storage space management tool in “Google Photos” to review and delete photos and videos that count towards storage space. Two important notes: Photos and videos that were backed up in high quality and fast backup quality before June 1, 2021 will not count toward the available storage space in your Google Account. Photos that are backed up in the original quality and then compressed to high quality after June 1, 2021, will count toward your Google Account storage. This change will only take effect on June 1, 2021, and most users will not be able to reach the maximum storage space for years to come.