Apple is reportedly working on a foldable screen laptop

So far Asus has been the true pioneer of the folding-screen laptop, with its Zenbook Fold line, but it’s allegedly due to get some serious competition in the future.

According to a report out of Korea, Apple is working on a foldable screen laptop. The company is apparently in talks with suppliers to launch a foldable-screen MacBook. This device would catalyze the now-sluggish display market, if it comes to fruition.

It would be released in 2026, after an unveiling in 2025. Korean display makers like Samsung Display and LG Display have invested a lot in OLED panels for laptops recently, now that the smartphone market is pretty much saturated. Both companies are currently “coordinating development and production plans for foldable OLED panels for laptops” as the nascent market for them grows.

An order from Apple would definitely make a huge dent in this still tiny market. According to the source of the report, larger display sizes are bound to be more profitable for panel makers, even though it’s more difficult to achieve great pixel densities the larger they go. Still, foldable displays for laptops are more profitable than foldable displays for smartphones, so this is obviously going to be a huge opportunity for display makers to make some additional money in the near future.

Source gsmarena