Android 14 Beta 4 is out, the final release is next

Another month has passed, which means it’s time for another Android 14 beta – in this case, the fourth. This build adds some more polish and fixes bugs, and it’s the second “Platform Stable” Android 14 release, which means that all the developer APIs and all app-facing behaviors are final and won’t change anymore by the time the final release goes out to the public soon.

Speaking of which, Beta 4 seems like it’s the last one before the final release comes and hits all supported Pixel devices out there. As usual in the past few years, Google hasn’t committed to a specific release window for that finalized build, but if we go by what happened last year, we would definitely not be surprised to see it arriving in August. That’s also what Google’s timeline, which you can see below, strongly hints at.

Google hasn’t outright said that the final release is up next, probably so that if any major issues are found with Beta 4, it can quickly fix them and issue a Beta 4.1 or something like that. We’ll see in the coming weeks.

As always, if your eligible Pixel is already enrolled in Google’s Android Beta program, you will receive Beta 4 as an over-the-air software update. If your device isn’t enrolled, and you want to enroll it, then head over here. Once it’s enrolled, it will take a few minutes to a few hours until you receive the latest beta build as a software update.

Source: gsmarena

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