To unlock your mobile phone for free leave a comment .
Choose the method with (IMEI + SRO NAME) OR (IMEI + PROVIDER ID)

Method 1 : IMEI + SRO NAME

1- to see the IMEI typed *#06# on your phone (15 digits Without Spaces)
2- SRO NAME typed *#837# or *#3228# (Search in the SRO NAME list, beginning with the letter ‘X’) eg XM66NA40.


1- to see the IMEI typed *#06# on your phone (15 digits Without Spaces)

2- For PROVIDER ID see on the label of your phone.
Example Provider id … C552X-3BTLES1

The answer will be between one hour and 12 o’clock depending on the availability of time.

If the phone does not accept NCK, sometimes must be initialized
Press. (volume down ) + POWER ON (at the same time)
or Press. KEY # + POWER ON (at the same time)

452 thoughts on “ALCATEL

  1. abdelaziz43 says:

    Hi sir;
    NCK :4037545847253849 sent in May,2 was incorrect because SRO Name was incorrect (it was my fault,I apologize)
    Can you help me unlocking my phone with this correct informations:
    Alcatel TH3
    Imei : 354079003736895
    Provider ID : TH33V-3BANES2
    Thanks a lot and best regards !

  2. Please send me unclock code for Alcatel U5 (model 5044Y) – Telenor Serbia
    Imei: 354492083006370
    Provider ID: 5044Y-2ATNRS1
    Thank in advance… 🙂

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