To unlock your mobile phone for free leave a comment .
Choose the method with (IMEI + SRO NAME) OR (IMEI + PROVIDER ID)

Method 1 : IMEI + SRO NAME

1- to see the IMEI typed *#06# on your phone (15 digits Without Spaces)
2- SRO NAME typed *#837# or *#3228# (Search in the SRO NAME list, beginning with the letter ‘X’) eg XM66NA40.


1- to see the IMEI typed *#06# on your phone (15 digits Without Spaces)

2- For PROVIDER ID see on the label of your phone.
Example Provider id … C552X-3BTLES1

The answer will be between one hour and 12 o’clock depending on the availability of time.

If the phone does not accept NCK, sometimes must be initialized
Press. (volume down ) + POWER ON (at the same time)
or Press. KEY # + POWER ON (at the same time)

423 thoughts on “ALCATEL

  1. Andy dwy Cahyo susilo says:

    Hi,please unlock to my phone
    Alcatel 5056i
    Provider id:5056I-2GTUAUD
    Thank you in advance

  2. dean mutale says:

    Hi, please help me to unlock my phone
    Alcatel one touch 4034x
    IMEI: 358893081360915
    Provider ID: 4034X-2ae8gb1
    Thank you

  3. jennyrose says:

    unlock my phone please.
    model alcatel one touch 5020A
    provider id:5020A-2ASAPH1

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